Aerometrex has been at the forefront of cutting-edge spatial research & development. It is the company's ethos and drive for innovation that has helped it stay ahead of the curve in the industry. We also believe that, as a company, we should aim to give back to the industry and the people within it in every way possible. This includes researchers who are the key to future advances in this space.

MetroMap data that can support your research


2D Aerial Imagery

Request access to high-resolution aerial imagery from a range of epochs, across metro & regional Australia. Choose from 3-band / 4-band imagery based on availability. To learn about available datasets, you can view coverage extents through a free MetroMap trial.


LiDAR Data

Support your research with industry-leading LiDAR data. Request a standard 3D point cloud or derived datasets such as elevation data (DEM, DSM), vegetation metrics (such as canopy height models), contours, and other vector products.


3D Mesh Models

Our 3D data gives you access to high-resolution city mesh models that may provide context to your research project, help develop and visualise scenarios, or offer a comprehensive 3D base dataset for change monitoring.

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Fill in this brief form to help us evaluate whether we shall be able to supply the data being requested. Our team aims to reply within a 4-week time frame if not earlier.

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Requesting Data: What You Should Know.

While we are committed to supporting research activities and supplying data for the same, as an organisation we may have certain constraints. There are a few parameters that shall govern whether we can support your research initiative, and our team will evaluate your request based on these. Please do provide as much detail as possible in your request application, to help us assess quickly and accurately.

Some of the critical parameters that may impact our decision to support your data request include:

  • Data availability
  • Data processing requirements
  • Scope of project
  • Size of data requested
  • No. of users with data access

Some Past Projects Supported


Other solutions

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View our 2D imagery with a free trial

View aerial imagery on MetroMap to see our covearge and assess its fit for your research requirements. Access multiple epochs and 3/4 band imagery.

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View the coverage & quality of our 3D models

View our 3D data via a browser to see our recent coverages. Depending on your use case, we could look at older models for data supply also.

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