Showcase your development assets the way they should – combine the power of visual imagery and data attributes to maximize perceived value

Why use MetroMap

  • Measure and accurately mark nearby facilities such as schools, markets, hospitals, etc.
  • Extract details such as building material, roof features, etc.
  • Justify property valuations through attributes, visual imagery and surrounding details

  • Use 2D maps and imagery to visually uplift your property assets and get customers excited
  • Drive interest by showcasing surrounding areas and key public services using imagery & maps
  • Use virtual reality and 3D maps to provide property overhead flythrough

  • View current & historical imagery side-by-side and identify subdivision and redevelopment opportunities
  • Monitor and track real estate project progress and visual assessment
  • Utilize imagery data for customer consultation and project review

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The Power of MetroMap Imagery with Landchecker Resources

Property information

Comprehensive information including planning maps, land size, street view and previous sale prices

Planning Permits

Consolidated planning permit data including filters to quickly find the most relevant information

Site Finder

Powerful filter tools to search every property in a given suburb, not just on-market listings

Document Searches

Access competitive priced Title, Plan, Instrument and Company searches directly from the Landchecker map

Learn More about Landchecker with MetroMap High Resolution Imagery

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Our solutions

Looking for 3D solutions?

We provide a range of textured 3D models of Australian capital cities available for purchase from our online store in your preferred format.


Interested in MetroMap 2D?

View our MetroMap 2D solution here


Wish to discuss a project-based custom solution?

Contact our Projects Team at Aerometrex! Project based data offers you flexible aerial capture anywhere in Australia or overseas.


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